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Will Using Magnetic Signs on My Vehicle Cause Damage to the Paintwork?

Advice and Guidance for the Use of our Magnetic Sheet for Temporary Vehicle Signs

Magnetic sheet has been used, successfully, as vehicle signs for several decades. However, in exceptional circumstances, it may result in damage to vehicle paintwork. The following guidance is given to avoid the risk of any damage occurring. We have undertaken numerous tests of our own using this guidance advice with the application of magnetic signs to vehicles and although during this testing we have not caused any damage to vehicle paintwork we cannot guarantee that there will not be an adverse reaction between the magnetic sheet and the vehicle paintwork as we do not have control over how the material may be altered, stored, cared for and used. As such customers must be aware of the risks involved.

Do not attach magnetic sheet to freshly painted surfaces, especially non-factory applied finishes.

Do notuse on body panels containing non-ferrous filler since this will greatly reduce the magnetic performance

Do clean and polish the area of the vehicle intended for the sign with a good quality wax polish.

Do make sure that both the vehicle and magnetic sheet are clean and dry prior to placing the magnetic sheet on the paintwork.

Do make sure that the magnetic sign is regularly removed, cleaned with soapy water without any solvents, rinsed, dried and re-applied. Ideally this should be done daily but at least every two days. In very hot weather, it MUST be done daily.

Do make sure that all of the magnetic sheet is in contact with the vehicle, avoiding any heavily contoured areas, to ensure maximum performance and as such avoid any movement of the sign whilst in use at higher speeds.

When not in use on the vehicle store the magnetic sign flat, preferably on a flat ferrous surface to avoid the magnetic face attracting airborne ferrous dust.