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Magnetic Tapes

Self Adhesive backed Magnetic Tapes in different widths with various different adhesives for a variety of applications.

Standard adhesive for sticking to paper & board.

Premium adhesive for adhesion to low energy surfaces such as plastics & metal

Foam adhesive for application to uneven surfaces.

Our 12mm and 25mm wide magnetic tapes are supplied as Type A and Type B tapes, as they are across the industry. Type B magnetic tape is identifiable by a line down the magnetic face of the tape. Type A magnetic tape pairs with Type B magnetic tape. Most pop up displays are manufactured using Type B magnetic tape. So if you are wanting to mount graphics up on a pop up display then you would need Type A tape. If you are mounting your display up on a ferrous surface, rather than against another magnetic tape, then it doesn't matter whether you use Type A or Type B tape. 20mm wide magnetic tape will pair up with itself and so doesn't have a Type A and Type B variety. If you are confused or unsure as to which magnetic tape will best suit your intended use then please contact our Sales Office where we will happily offer you guidance on this matter.

We guarantee that no plasticisers are used in the production of our magnetic tape. We also guarantee that all of our magnetic tape is produced using ferrite compounds that have passed the stringent test requirements of European safety standard EN71 making it "toy safe", rather than the much cheaper alternative ferrite compound based flexible magnets that can be offered by less scrupulous suppliers.

Our magnetic tape is supplied as 30m and 3m rolls or as pre cut lengths. For bulk enquiries or bespoke size pre-cut lengths please contact our Sales Office.

Please note that cut length dimensions may vary by a tolerance of +/-3mm.


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